What is Total and Permanent Disability cover and how does it work?

Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) cover is an easy one to explain, because it offers you just that – insurance cover should you become totally and permanently disabled. There is some nuance to how it works, so let’s take a

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What is an enduring power of attorney – and why do you need it?

Getting life insurance, trauma cover, total and permanent disability cover, and creating a will are great first steps in your estate planning. The next, and more often overlooked step, is to create an enduring power of attorney (EPA). In New

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Protecting your most valuable asset

Ask people what their most valuable asset is and they will likely tell you it is their home. And should you probe further you will find they probably have their home well insured. Great! Chances are they will have life

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6 Insurance Myths – Busted!

Like any industry, there are some persistent myths and misunderstandings around insurance. We are absolutely passionate about what we offer as advisers, and the products that we select for our clients, so we’d like to clear up some common misconceptions.

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How to find a GP

Health: The importance of your relationship with your GP

Having a GP (general practitioner) you have a good relationship with is a vital part of your healthcare plan. While having health insurance in place is important, if you become unwell your GP will be your first point of call

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Income protection cover to the rescue

If Beverley Main could tell people one thing about insurance, it would be that even if the premiums feel expensive, it is worth it, because you never know what is around the corner. Beverley has had a long relationship with

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The Four Pillars of Plus4 Insurance Solutions

At Plus4 we have a promise we make to our customers: “Choosing the best of the best for you”. This promise represents our point of difference, is the statement that we live by, and has remained unchanged since Plus4 was

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Key person insurance

What is Key Person Insurance?

If you are a small business owner, you need to think about Key Person Insurance. In fact, it may well be a better and more useful insurance option for you than income protection insurance. Key Person Insurance is ideal for

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Plus4 Claims Advocacy team

Do you know about our Claims Advocacy Team?

When you get your life insurance, trauma cover, income protection insurance or health insurance though a Plus4 adviser, you automatically have access to the Plus4 Claims Advocacy Team. This is a great benefit, let us explain why. If we believe

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Do you need life insurance

Do you need life insurance? And how much?

Helping our clients with life insurance is a key part of what we do here at Plus4. It’s an important topic, so we’ve answered some of the most common questions people ask us. Do I need life insurance? What sets

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Why you should have a will

Why you need a will, and how to write one

Everyone knows that having a will is really important, but it can seem overwhelming and hard to start the process of creating it. Like having life insurance, health insurance and trauma insurance, the benefits of a will are easy to

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insurance review

Is it too late to claim? The value of regular reviews

When conducting an insurance review with an existing or new client, we can come across situations where something has happened, the client’s insurance covers it, but they haven’t made a claim. When life throws a curveball, there can be a

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Keep safe this summer

We are all looking forward to a well-earned summer break. While having sufficient health insurance, income insurance and life insurance in place is a vital safety net, it pays to put some effort into not needing to use them. This

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7 steps to getting the best insurance cover

Want to get the best insurance cover for you and your family? Here is how you do it: Using an adviser is always going to get you the best life insurance, income protection and health insurance to suit your budget,

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How can you reduce your income protection premiums?

As we get older some insurance premiums inevitably increase. We often have clients come in wanting discuss how they can lower their income protection or considering dropping it completely, as what they are spending on premiums becomes a burden that

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How does your mortgage influence your insurance choices?

Getting adequate insurance cover is an important part of the getting-a-mortgage process – and one the bank wants taken care of before things go further. This includes life insurance, trauma insurance, income insurance and, of course, mortgage insurance. Often when

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financial coersion

Is that short term incentive really best for your long term insurance plan?

We are all keen for a bargain when we can get one, and getting personal insurance cover is no different.  But the reality is that jumping on board with a policy because of a special offer is rarely a good

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FA Act change image

Welcome changes to the Financial Advisers Act

In a recent press release our Group General Manager, Peter Standish welcomed the planned changes to the Financial Advisers Act (FAA) announced recently (13 July 2016) by the Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Paul Goldsmith. Plus4 Group General Manager Peter

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should you insure a non working spouse

Are you both insured? Here is why you should be

Does someone not earning an income need personal insurance cover? We very strongly believe they do. We have written before about the importance of income protection, as your ability to earn an income is your greatest asset. To this end,

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Level term vs YRT comparison

Why you should consider a Level Term life policy

Did you know there are two different ways of setting up your life insurance cover? While the cover you receive is the same, the way the payments are set up – and how much you pay over the long term

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Change ahead - compressed

The insurance world keeps changing

The insurance world keeps changing. Many insurance companies are continually making changes to their policies. Lately, Southern Cross have been amending their health policies. Now, many of the popular covers offered through them have unlimited limits for medical procedures. No

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do childen need health insurance

Should you get health cover for your children?

With GP visits free to children under 13, getting medical cover for your healthy, active children may seem unnecessary. There are a number of reasons we think it is worth considering. In our previous blog on health insurance (you can

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Life Insurance compressed

Why you should be careful who you buy life insurance from!

Why you should be careful who you buy life insurance from! Yes, I am about to put it out there, not all life insurance is the same. For example, if you have ANZ Life and Living Insurance  cover you will

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Infographic-trauma-cover-01 (2)

Trauma Protection – why do you need it?

Trauma protection can be a misunderstood member of the personal cover family and we would like to provide some clarity. Trauma protection is a personal cover providing a lump sum payment in the event of a diagnosis of certain illnesses

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Happy Funerals compressed


I have been to a lot of funerals over the last two months. It might be something in my line of work or perhaps just one of those stages in life I’m going through. So I thought I would share

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ACC Cover Plus

What is ACC Cover Plus? And ACC Cover Plus Extra?

In our previous blog we covered what ACC is and what it does and doesn’t cover. However once you move into the self-employed space things can get a little trickier and that is where ACC Cover Plus and ACC Cover

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Young female doctor looking at the x-ray picture of knee injury in a hospital

What does ACC cover? And more importantly, what doesn’t it…

In New Zealand we are lucky to have ACC, which provides us all with no-fault comprehensive injury cover no matter where you are when you are injured. However many people have a limited understanding of what exactly is and isn’t

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Life keeps changing – when should you update your personal insurance policies?

A New Year often brings with it a fresh start – especially with our long summer holiday coming over the holiday period. With peak wedding season in January, February and March, peak baby boom happening in September and October and

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Why should I use an insurance broker?

It is a good question – what value is there to you to use a broker instead of doing your own research online, going with that one with the funny adverts on the radio or taking that offer from your

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Pen and Paper photo

Level it out all the time

If you even have a very vague idea that you will need life cover past the age of 45, you need to have your premiums on a level basis. Why … so you don’t cancel the covers when you may

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