When should you change your insurance

When life changes, make sure your insurance does too!

Change is the only constant in life, and as we move through life events and milestones we adjust and keep moving forward. But have you given any thought as to how changes in your life impact your insurance covers, and

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What should you do when income protection premiums rise?

With the nature of insurance underwriting and risk trends, as you get older your insurance premiums will rise. This is as true for income protection as any other type of insurance, but has the added complication of the cover  automatically

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Insurance for spouse

Is insurance only for those in paid work?

Does someone not earning an income need personal insurance cover? We believe they do. Your ability to earn an income is your greatest asset, and as such should be well insured. However, in certain of periods of life there may

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How to get your insurance claim paid

At a conference in February Nadine Tereora, the CEO of Fidelity Life, stated that their claims rating was 99.8%. All the insurance providers Plus4 work with have claims ratings of over 95%, which illustrates very clearly that insurance providers are

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FMA RBNZ LIfe Insurer Report

Is the insurance industry bad news? Plus4 responds

It has been an interesting week for the insurance industry with the release of the Life Insurer Conduct and Culture report by the Financial Markets Authority New Zealand and the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. The report feeds back to

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Do children need health insurance

Do children need health insurance?

With GP visits free to children under 14 years old, getting medical cover for your healthy, active children may seem unnecessary. We think it is worth considering, and there are a number of reasons why. In our previous blog on

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do you need health insurance

Do you need health insurance?

“Do something today that your future self will thank you for.” Whether or not you are a fan of bite-sized wisdom, this is a great point from which to discuss health insurance. In New Zealand we are lucky to have

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Infographic-trauma-cover-01 (2)

Why you need trauma cover

Trauma protection is an important part of your insurance coverage, but we often find it is poorly understood by clients. Trauma protection is a personal cover providing a lump sum payment in the event of a diagnosis of certain illnesses

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Who owns your policy

Who owns your policy?

Getting life insurance in place involves a lot of decision making, and choices around the ownership structure of your insurance policies are as important as any other. Keeping the ownership up to date as your life changes is equally vital.

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What is ACC Cover Plus? And ACC Cover Plus Extra?

In New Zealand we are lucky to have ACC, which provides us all with no-fault comprehensive injury cover no matter where you are when you are injured. ACC covers most physical injuries if they are caused by an accident, a

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how special events increase protect future insurability

How special events increases protect your future insurability

We all know the only constant is change. However, come claim time you need to be reassured that your cover will be sufficient for your current circumstances. It isn’t practical to set up your original cover for future events –

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trauma cover edit

Trauma Cover – the best safety net

When we meet with clients we work to help them understand scenarios where they would use the different insurance covers. When everything is going well it can be hard to imagine life any other way. We spoke to a Plus4

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Have you thought about the future when insuring your business?

When you set up your business insurance, the focus can be on the here and now – how many employees you have and their level of skill, the business income, level of debt and so on. However, thinking about the

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Confident financial planner talking to couple

Getting the most from your income protection

Income protection insurance is one of the most important insurance covers you can have. As we have said before, your ability to earn an income is your greatest asset. Many income protection policies also come with add-ons. These vary between

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Does your health insurance cover cancer

How well does your medical insurance cover cancer?

Cancer is a scary diagnosis and it is important to have an accurate understanding of the role health insurance can play in access to different treatments. The cost of cancer treatment can be high, and not all the medications that

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Should you insure your children

Do children need insurance?

When putting insurance policies in place, the first point of reference is always the breadwinner. However, it is so important to realise that none of us stand in isolation and that something happening to any member of your family is

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How to make an insurance claim

How to make an insurance claim

Once insurance cover is in place it is something we rarely think about – until it is time to make a claim. The circumstances around making a claim are likely to be stressful, to make the process as smooth as

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What is Total and Permanent Disability cover and how does it work?

Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Cover is an easy one to explain, because it offers you just that – insurance cover should you become totally and permanently disabled. There is some nuance to how it works, so let’s take a

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What is an enduring power of attorney – and why do you need it?

Getting life insurance, trauma cover, total and permanent disability cover, and creating a will are great first steps in your estate planning. The next, and more often overlooked step, is to create an enduring power of attorney (EPA). In New

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life insurance nz

Protecting your most valuable asset

Ask people what their most valuable asset is and they will likely tell you it is their home. And should you probe further you will find they probably have their home well insured. Great! Chances are they will have life

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6 Insurance Myths – Busted!

Like any industry, there are some persistent myths and misunderstandings around insurance. We are absolutely passionate about what we offer as advisers, and the products that we select for our clients, so we’d like to clear up some common misconceptions.

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How to find a GP

Health: The importance of your relationship with your GP

Having a GP (general practitioner) you have a good relationship with is a vital part of your healthcare plan. While having health insurance in place is important, if you become unwell your GP will be your first point of call

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Income protection cover to the rescue

If Beverley Main could tell people one thing about insurance, it would be that even if the premiums feel expensive, it is worth it, because you never know what is around the corner. Beverley has had a long relationship with

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The Four Pillars of Plus4 Insurance Solutions

At Plus4 we have a promise we make to our customers: “Choosing the best of the best for you”. This promise represents our point of difference, is the statement that we live by, and has remained unchanged since Plus4 was

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Key person insurance

What is Key Person Insurance?

If you are a small business owner, you need to think about Key Person Insurance. In fact, it may well be a better and more useful insurance option for you than income protection insurance. Key Person Insurance is ideal for

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Plus4 Claims Advocacy team

Do you know about our Claims Advocacy Team?

When you get your life insurance, trauma cover, income protection insurance or health insurance though a Plus4 adviser, you automatically have access to the Plus4 Claims Advocacy Team. This is a great benefit, let us explain why. If we believe

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Do you need life insurance

Do you need life insurance? And how much?

Helping our clients with life insurance is a key part of what we do here at Plus4. It’s an important topic, so we’ve answered some of the most common questions people ask us. Do I need life insurance? What sets

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Why you should have a will

Why you need a will, and how to write one

Everyone knows that having a will is really important, but it can seem overwhelming and hard to start the process of creating it. Like having life insurance, health insurance and trauma insurance, the benefits of a will are easy to

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insurance review

Is it too late to claim? The value of regular reviews

When conducting an insurance review with an existing or new client, we can come across situations where something has happened, the client’s insurance covers it, but they haven’t made a claim. When life throws a curveball, there can be a

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Keep safe this summer

We are all looking forward to a well-earned summer break. While having sufficient health insurance, income insurance and life insurance in place is a vital safety net, it pays to put some effort into not needing to use them. This

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