insurance in retirement

Insurance through life: Retirement

This is general advice, intended to help you understand what is available, what questions to ask and key factors to consider – you need to seek advice from an insurance adviser before buying insurance. As we age, our lifestyle, finances

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insurance when your kids leave home

Insurance through life: Empty Nest

This is general advice, intended to help you understand what is available, what questions to ask and key factors to consider – you need to seek advice from an insurance adviser before buying insurance. Insurance should never be a “set

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Insurance for young families

Insurance through life: Young family

This is general advice, intended to help you understand what is available, what questions to ask and key factors to take into account – you need to seek advice from an insurance adviser before buying insurance. As life changes, so

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what insurance do you need when you are young

Insurance through life: Young and free

This is general advice, intended to help you understand what is available, what questions to ask and key factors to take into account – you need to seek advice from an insurance adviser before buying insurance. The insurance you need

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Finding the right GP for you

When it comes to looking after yourself, one of the most important relationships you will have is with your GP. Having an ongoing relationship with a general practitioner is important to your long-term wellbeing. This person is your first point

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Answering your insurance questions

At Plus4 we are passionate about serving our clients and making sure they have the money they need when they need it. We pride ourselves on providing support and making the rocky times a little smoother when life hits hard.

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how to write a will

5 things to think about when writing your will

While everyone knows it is important to have a will, it can be hard to know where to start. Having an up-to-date will makes everything easier for your loved ones and means your assets and taonga are distributed as you

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Understanding disclosure for insurance

Understanding intentional and unintentional disclosure

Every industry has its jargon, and insurance isn’t any different! One of the key terms to know and understand in our industry is disclosure. What is it, how does it work, and what happens if you make a mistake? What

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Keeping your insurance cover in financially unsettled times

Many New Zealanders are suddenly finding themselves worried about their finances and in these uncertain times cutting costs can make a lot of sense. While it is not a good time to cancel insurance, there are some things you can

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What happens to debt when you die?

When you take on a mortgage, use your credit card or get a new vehicle on finance, you know it is important that you can make the required payments and keep on top of your debt. However, people don’t tend

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Keeping you and your family safe over summer

When summer kicks off in New Zealand, so does the DIY and outdoor life that is an ingrained part of Kiwi culture. Having the right levels of health insurance, income insurance and life insurance is an important part of caring

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Seven years after cancer, insurance review leads to pay out

A savvy advisor with a sharp eye resulted in an unexpected windfall for a Dunedin family. Fiona Keenan inherited Holly and James* as clients when an advisor retired. In their initial meeting they mentioned that James had a gene that

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What insurance do I need to get when I buy a home?

When you buy a home and get a mortgage there is a lot to learn and take in. Your bank or mortgage adviser will want to talk to you about getting insurance, but it can be hard to know what

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insurance choice saves business

Savvy insurance choice saves business

As an active, fit and healthy man is his 50s, James* didn’t expect a major health scare, so when he got a small cut on his finger, he didn’t think much of it. The cut didn’t heal as expected, and

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Smooth out premium payments with a level term policy

With the low interest rates currently available, you may find yourself with a little something extra in your budget. To get the most out of it, this could be the perfect time to consider getting a level term cover policy

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have important discussions to prepare for the future

Let’s get uncomfortable

The ‘she’ll be right’ attitude is an interesting quirk of New Zealand’s culture, and is rightly celebrated. Just getting on with it, not getting too worked up, and believing everything will work itself out are great traits, but like all

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Prepare for your meeting with an adviser

Meeting an adviser? How to get the most out of your meeting

When you work with an adviser to get the right insurance in place, we want it to be as easy and accessible as possible. This might mean we come to your place after hours, or that you come to our

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When should you change your insurance

When life changes, make sure your insurance does too!

Change is the only constant in life, and as we move through life events and milestones we adjust and keep moving forward. But have you given any thought as to how changes in your life impact your insurance covers, and

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What should you do when income protection premiums rise?

With the nature of insurance underwriting and risk trends, as you get older your insurance premiums will rise. This is as true for income protection as any other type of insurance, but has the added complication of the cover  automatically

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Insurance for spouse

Is insurance only for those in paid work?

Does someone not earning an income need personal insurance cover? We believe they do. Your ability to earn an income is your greatest asset, and as such should be well insured. However, in certain of periods of life there may

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How to get your insurance claim paid

At a conference in February Nadine Tereora, the CEO of Fidelity Life, stated that their claims rating was 99.8%. All the insurance providers Plus4 work with have claims ratings of over 95%, which illustrates very clearly that insurance providers are

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FMA RBNZ LIfe Insurer Report

Is the insurance industry bad news? Plus4 responds

It has been an interesting week for the insurance industry with the release of the Life Insurer Conduct and Culture report by the Financial Markets Authority New Zealand and the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. The report feeds back to

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Do children need health insurance?

With GP visits free to children under 14 years old, getting medical cover for your healthy, active children may seem unnecessary. We think it is worth considering, and there are a number of reasons why. In our previous blog on

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Do you need health insurance?

“Do something today that your future self will thank you for.” Whether or not you are a fan of bite-sized wisdom, this is a great point from which to discuss health insurance. In New Zealand we are lucky to have

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Why you need trauma cover

Trauma protection is an important part of your insurance coverage, but we often find it is poorly understood by clients. Trauma protection is a personal cover providing a lump sum payment in the event of a diagnosis of certain illnesses

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Who owns your policy?

Getting life insurance in place involves a lot of decision making, and choices around the ownership structure of your insurance policies are as important as any other. Keeping the ownership up to date as your life changes is equally vital.

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What is ACC Cover Plus? And ACC Cover Plus Extra?

In New Zealand we are lucky to have ACC, which provides us all with no-fault comprehensive injury cover no matter where you are when you are injured. ACC covers most physical injuries if they are caused by an accident, a

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How special events increases protect your future insurability

We all know the only constant is change. However, come claim time you need to be reassured that your cover will be sufficient for your current circumstances. It isn’t practical to set up your original cover for future events –

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Trauma Cover – the best safety net

When we meet with clients we work to help them understand scenarios where they would use the different insurance covers. When everything is going well it can be hard to imagine life any other way. We spoke to a Plus4

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Have you thought about the future when insuring your business?

When you set up your business insurance, the focus can be on the here and now – how many employees you have and their level of skill, the business income, level of debt and so on. However, thinking about the

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