Why should I use an insurance adviser?

It is a good question – what value is there to you to use an adviser instead of doing your own research online, going with that one with the funny adverts on the radio or taking that offer from your bank that sounds alright?

You might think it makes sense to cut out the middle man or you need to do it yourself to get the best deal – but using an adviser is the best way to go for ease, cost effectiveness and quality of cover.

There are lots of reasons you should use an adviser, here are our top five.

1. Using an adviser will save you time
Yes, you could shop around yourself and get some comparisons but if you get your insurance through an adviser we do that for you – you only have to call us, we find out about your needs and we shop around to get the best deal for you.

This is our job, so we’ll actually get it done while you are doing what you do – because who has the free time to ring around and give all the same details again and again and then sift through the quotes. No one we know.

2.  We know the ins and outs of every policy we sell
Getting a quote yourself from an insurance provider or a bank will give you a price comparison between the providers, but it will not tell you the actual differences in the policies – and your policy is only worth the fine print it is written on.

We know the policies we sell, we know the differences between them and we want to get you the very best cover you can in the budget you have. We are not going to sell you something that isn’t going to cover you when you need it.

3. Come claim time, you have the support you need
The choice to use an adviser comes into its own at claim time because your adviser knows you, your situation and your policy. They know the claims procedure so can walk you through it, and they have a good relationship with the insurance provider; which all amounts to making the claims process smoother and less stressful.

4. We work for you
We don’t work for the insurance provider, we work for you. When you are buying directly from a provider they can only sell you their product range and it is up to you to compare with other offers. We have expert knowledge across the market and we will suggest a product because we know it will meet your needs – not to meet our sales target.

Insurance is what we do, living your life is what you do. But as your life changes so can your insurance needs; because we know that there is enough going on for you to keep on top of we will get in touch with you annually to make sure your insurance is still meeting your needs.

5. The application process
While it is very rare for a claim to be declined, it is usually the result of a non-disclosure by the client – even if the non-disclosure was accidental. Our process is so thorough that it is highly unlikely you would forget to disclose anything. Answering all those questions may seem like a pain at the time, but once it is done it is done and it means you know you are comprehensively covered.

If you agree that these are compelling reasons to use an insurance adviser call one of ours today.


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