Business Insurance Specialist Nelson Peter Rickards

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Peter RickardsOne of Peter’s Great Reviews: Outstanding, altruistic and professional – coupled with an incredible product knowledge. What really has stuck in my mind is Pete’s level of dedication and care after I experienced a life threatening illness within 8 weeks of taking out a new policy. I would (and do!) recommend him wholeheartedly to any future client. If I could give Pete a higher rating would – he deserves it. By Chris Welland.

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One of Peter’s Tips: There are many things to consider when deciding if you need a Business Insurance Specialist. It can be complicated with so many clauses, and so many highly influential variables. It’s important to ask yourself if one of your strengths is attention to detail. If it’s not, talk to a specialist in this area.

94 Nile Street
Nelson, Nelson 7010
New Zealand
03-548 2219


Business Insurance Specialist Nelson

Plus4 Insurance Peter Rickards: Peter is a Business Insurance Specialist in Nelson. Other services he can be found under include Life Insurance, Income Protection, Medical Insurance. His team in Nelson look forward to serving you. For extra information call 03-548 2219.

Plus4 Insurance Peter Rickards

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