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I was recently advised that I should look at getting insurance cover to protect my business and family. I took the opportunity to get in touch with Insurance Base and was very professionally dealt with by Jason Hennessey.

Jason took the time to look at my situation closely and advised on all aspects of insurance that would be relevant to me. Jason gave me all the information that I needed to make an informed decision on the best Insurance cover for me, my family and my business, should anything happen. The Team at Insurance Base also took care of all my ACC requirements, ensuring I wasn’t paying too much and had the correct levels of cover required.

I found Jason to be very honest and respectful, he is very professional and has a huge understanding of all Risk Insurance Cover types and was able to put these in plain words without me getting confused. He was very efficient in getting the paper work filled in correctly and getting my insurance processed quickly.

I would highly recommend Jason, his knowledge is reassuring and his professionalism invaluable.

Thanks Jason,
Matthew Palmer
Director / Proprietor
Cornerstone Hospitality Ltd

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