Life Insurance Specialist Nelson Peter Rickards

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Peter RickardsOne of Peter’s Great Reviews: During what have been difficult times within our family over the past two years, Pete has always been a positive influence on circumstanses and has been there for advice and support on both the financial front and the personal side. On many occassions he has been able to sit and clarify our current situation and advise accordingly. Very reassuring. By Simon Starr.

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One of Peter’s Tips: Getting your first life insurance can be a bit daunting. A good advisor will help to make the process less intimidating and confusing. Brokers generally have access to policies from many different firms, and can help make sense of all the fine print.

94 Nile Street
Nelson 7010
New Zealand
03-548 2219


Life Insurance Specialist Nelson

Plus4 Insurance Peter Rickards: Peter is a Life Insurance Specialist in Nelson. Other services he can be found under include Financial Services, Trauma Cover, Life Cover. His team in Nelson look forward to serving you. For extra information call 03-548 2219.

Plus4 Insurance Peter Rickards

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